Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tetro Clip

First three minutes:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tetro Articles

Okay, so there has been a lot lot lot about Tetro - good and bad and I am more eager than ever to see the film as soon as it comes out.

As it would be just too much to post all the articles here, I decided to only give you some links to some interesting ones.

And this one in the whole from

Cannes: Visiting With Vincent Gallo and Francis Ford Coppola

CANNES, FRANCE — One of Cannes’s most enduring scandals remains the maelstrom of laughter, boos, attacks, and counter-attacks destined to live on as L’affaire lapin brun. Sensing a ready punching bag in 2003’s The Brown Bunny, Vincent Gallo’s road movie with a literal climax, the critics pounced; notably Roger Ebert, who called it the worst film in the history of the festival. Gallo retaliated by putting a curse on Ebert’s colon. Ebert, upon seeing a recut version, revised his opinion, and the movie has gone on to some degree of cult respectability. But Gallo has more or less stayed away from the film world since.

He’s back as an actor this year, with the lead role in one of the most talked-about films so far — Francis Ford Coppola’s operatic, Buenos Aires-set family drama, Tetro, which opened the Directors’ Fortnight section last night. Gallo is mesmerizing in the film, in a part he was born to play: a tortured artist, thin-skinned and self-obsessed, charismatic in spite of himself. But he has kept a low profile at Cannes: We were told he wasn’t doing interviews and he skipped yesterday’s press conference (“Where’s Vincent Gallo?,” Coppola asked the moderator). To our surprise, he opted to sit in when we were talking to Coppola this morning.

Gallo, who seemed to be in good spirits, said he had every intention of walking out of last night’s screening. “I asked to sit on the aisle,” he said. “I’ve never sat through a film I’ve been in. When you see yourself on film, there’s mostly pain and regret, there’s never emotion.” But he said he found Tetro gripping: “I was very moved even by scenes that I was in, and I’ve never felt that way.” And what’s more, “There were a couple moments when I looked good.”

Coppola pointed out that Gallo was watching through his hands most of the time. He added: “Do you know how long it took me to cut his hair? Five visits. We had to do it a quarter inch at a time.” Gallo: “I had a photo of Clint Eastwood from Dirty Harry, and I was trying to keep it like that. We had Artaud and Clint Eastwood.” Coppola: “It’s fun to go to the barber with Vincent.”

Gallo is working on his next film as director, which he’s shot (on 16-millimeter black-and-white) and is about to edit. But he was content for now to keep the spotlight on Coppola’s movie. Not one for understatement, he went so far as to declare it the fulfillment of an eternal ambition: “The dream of my life was to be in one movie that I like.”

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tetro Premiere Pics? Sure!

So he has been there, for the premiere and there are pics popping up everywhere. Here some without watermarks from zimbio.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tetro at Director's Fortnight in Cannes

Yes, that's true. But, apparently, Vincent Gallo is missing out on the Cannes-fun ;-)- no surprise to me.,news,coppola-returns-to-cannes-but-where-is-vincent-gallo

Gallo, the star of Coppola’s ‘Tetro’, was booed out of Cannes the last time he attended the festival in 2003 with his film ‘The Brown Bunny’

By Jack Bremer

The great Francis Ford Coppola, one of the few directors to have won the Palme d'Or twice (for The Conversation in 1974 and Apocalypse Now in 1979), has arrived in Cannes to open the 'director's fortnight' sidebar to the main festival with his new Argentinian-set film, Tetro.

He has in tow his Spanish leading lady, the lovely Maribel Verdu, best known for her starring roles in Y Tu mama Tambien and Pan's Labyrinth. In Tetro, Verdu takes the role of the wife of a washed up writer played by the New York actor Vincent Gallo.

However, there is no sign of Gallo in the Coppola party - for which there is a very good reason.

Gallo famously left Cannes with his tail between his legs in 2003 when a notorious road movie he directed and starred in was greeted with boos and catcalls by the festival audience. The Brown Bunny was famed for two reasons: (a) it was incredibly boring, due to interminable scenes of Gallo riding his motorbike across America, and (b) it climaxed with one of cinema's rare un-simulated sex scenes, in which Chloe Sevigny performed fellatio on Gallo.

A giant billboard for the film, showing Sevigny on her knees before the gaunt figure of Gallo, had to be taken down after it shocked Los Angeles. But not half as much as the film itself bored Cannes. Hundreds of members of the audience walked out while the remainder simply booed. Sevigny was reportedly reduced to tears and a humiliated Gallo went back to the cutting room.

There is a happy ending: after being cut by almost a quarter, The Brown Bunny was released and even found favour with the American critic Roger Ebert who had earlier called it the worst film in the history of Cannes.

How will Coppola's Tetro fare tonight? The omens are good, with some who have seen it saying Coppola is on magnificent form. We know what Coppola himself thinks: when someone stole a computer from his Buenos Aires studio containing the script for Tetro, he told Time magazine with a straight face: "The script was finished. It made Hamlet look like garbage."

Friday, May 8, 2009


Even though nobody can be sure WHO will be playing apart from Vincent (there is no information on their myspace at the moment apart from the fact that Vincent is in the band), RRIICCEE is on tour in June.

Here are the collected tour-dates. These come from various places all over the internet because I have not found a list yet. If you can, go and attend one of the shows. If you plan to go to Bern, let me know because I'll probably be there :-)

June 12th "ICA" London, England (sold out!)
June 14th "Paradiso" Amsterdam, Netherland
June 15th "Ancienne Belgique" Brussels, Belgium
June 16th "La Boule Noir" Paris , France
June 18th "Sonar Festival" Barcelona, Spain
June 19th "Galileo Galilei" Madrid, Spain (?)
June 24th "Villa Arconati " Milan, Italy
June 25th "Spazio 211" Turin, Italy
June 26th "Circolo degli Artisti" Rome, Italy
June 29th "Dampfzentrale" Bern, Switzerland
June 30th "Volksb├╝hne/Prater" Berlin, Germany

Sunday, May 3, 2009

And to get in the mood for the tour...

...some OLD live pics from 2006 or so. I found them while googling around and there was no real information as far as who took them so if they are yours, let me know and I'll of course give you credit :-)

Seattle International Film Festival

There are some unconfirmed rumours that Coppola and Vincent will both attend the Seattle International Film Festival which runs May 21 - June 14.

Tetro Trailer

...and sorry for being two days late on this one :-(