Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vincent suing Los Angeles...

According to TMZ - who are basically always right, right? Vincent is now suing the city of Los Angeles.

The full story can be found right here.

Weird that the thing that annoyed me most about this one is that they wrote "'Goodfellas' Actor (...)" in the headline. He did a few other, slightly more recent movies than that one in which he also had more presence and, like, text...? 


  1. also Vincent Gallo really need to get synthesizer
    "PSR-340" at Tokyo

  2. The TMZ reporting on the story is so bad. I posted this comment on there, but basically:

    This has to do with his real estate investments.

    He's a big property investor in LA. He invested in the Biscuit Lofts (which are in the downtown arts district), one of the units he was trying to sell in early 2011 (it was listed then, and was relisted recently) and hasn't sold. The unit he was trying to get rid of is a huge penthouse.

    He's probably sick of getting nickle and dimed on a mediocre investment that was supposed to gain value with the "improvements" from this BID. If the area is still a dump and the investment is tanking, he could win or they'll settle.


  3. Wait, how do you know that Kacha2? That's cool of it's true.

    1. Sonar Sound Tokyo informed it

      got it 3 hours ago

      Vincent Gallo's luck

  4. 'cause I'm pretty sure that Kacha2 is Vincent himself.

  5. Has been sold http://www.latimes.com/business/realestate/la-fi-hotprop-justin-lin-vincent-gallo-20120424,0,4007868.story
    That's why Vincent Gallo looked super happy at Nagoya show

    Also he was polite to autographed his younger fans at Osaka

    So nice, so nice

  6. He told me "I drink water a lot, go to bath room hard." at Hiroshima Quattro
    Please take care Vincent Gallo
    I wish he'll be back LA safely

    1. Uh-oh, it's his prostate again. Poor guy. I wish he'd be in Europe safely.


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